Welcome to Fashion in the Age of Bridgerton. This website catalogues and allows users to keyword search dozens of fashion plates from the Lady's Magazine; or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex (1770-1832) from the Regency period (1811-1819).

Inspired by our mutual love of women's history, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature, women's magazines and - not least - Bridgerton, this website is a collaborative project between Jennie Batchelor (Professor of Eighteenth-Century Studies at the University Kent) and a team of brilliant undergraduate researchers from the University of Kent's School of English: Stefana Ivanova, Elisabeth Johnson, Sam Robinson, Chloe Sawbridge and Robyn Steel. We wanted to make these images accessible to as wide an audience as possible and to solve that perennial problem: how to locate and sift through images using words. The metadata we have captured here, we hope, will make the glorious garments, accessories and hair styles in these plates alive again to modern enthusiasts and makers.

You can find particular garments, styles, colours, fabrics and (sometimes) designers using the keyword search bar above. Alternatively you can peruse all of the images on the site by clicking 'Browse Fashion Plates', or view 'Fashions by Year'.

More information about the hugely popular and influential Lady's Magazine and its fashion coverage can be found via the links above. And do also visit this site's digital sister, Patterns of Perfection, a database with a large selection of 50 years of needlework patterns from the same publication.

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Jennie Batchelor, University of Kent

June 2022

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Recently Added Items

Morning Promenade and Opera Dresses (March 1813)

LM Fashion Plate (Mar 1813).jpg

opera dress (left, standing): long lose robe (celestial blue), satin, embedded at the front and hem to show frost work (white silk); long full sleeves…

Morning Promenade and Evening Dresses (June 1813)

LM Fashion PLate (June 1813).jpg

evening dress (left): Greek style robe (white), crape muslin, the bottom ornamented with a let-in needle work, the front cut low and decorated with…

Fashionable Promenade and Evening Dress (April 1813)

LM Fashion Plate (Apr 1813).tiff

morning (promenade) dress (left, standing): white robe, Indian muslin, low neckline, plain sleeves with vandykes trimmed at the bottom of the dress…

London Fashionable Walking Dress (November 1818)

LM Fashion Plate (Nov 1818a).jpg

walking dress: round bombazine dress (black), full sleeves and epaulettes, double crape skirt worked with chenille; crape french shirt and frill…

London Fashionable Walking Dress (June 1812)

LM Fashion Plate (June 1812) (1).jpg

undescribed women's fashionable walking dress (Left): silk mantle trimmed with knobbed fringe or silk (white); matching bonnet with cap; parasol…

Morning and Evening Dresses (November 1813)

LM Fashion Plate (Nov 1813).jpg

morning half dress (left, standing): gown (light olive), moderate walking length, high bosom, short waist; long sleeves; small tippet; handkerchief…